Rise & Fall Changing Hoists

There is a wide selection of stationary and mobile disability equipment which can be used individually or in combination to meet individual needs. They can help with transferring, mobility support and repositioning, and our team can help advise which device(s) are most suitable. Find out more

Shower Stretchers

Shower stretchers enable showering in a lying position and come in varying models, from fixed to manual or electronically controlled adjustable height. Available in varying sizes and features, such as backrest adjustable to aid with hair washing. Our team can advise you on the model most suitable for the user’s needs.

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Rise & Fall Ceiling Track Hoists

Eliminating the need for manual lifting ceiling track hoists are very easy to manoeuvre, optimise working stance, make the best of space available and are always in place. They come in a wide variety for differing situations and needs. Out team can help advise which model and set up would be most appropriate.

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